Rubbish to Bid On


The Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton
Friday 29th April 2011

Forget the tea towels, the mugs and the other tacky souvenirs, when it comes to innovative, fun and creative Royal Wedding memorabilia, Millbank Tower-based events complex Altitude London has got it sussed!

Pioneered by Peter Kerwood, Altitude London's Marketing Director, the idea is rubbish. Quite literally!

In the immediate aftermath of what has been billed 'the wedding of the century', a team from Altitude London hurried over to Buckingham Palace where they scoured the immediate vicinity for suitable rubbish.

Back at base camp, the fruits of their labours - Union flags, sweet wrappers, newspapers and other intrinsically British junk - were then artistically arranged as miniature instillations in beautifully branded Perspex boxes. These were then sealed forever to create a unique keepsake of a truly historical event.

A limited run of 20 individually numbered boxes will now be sold via eBay´s charity site, with all proceeds going to Centrepoint, the homeless charity of which Prince William is patron.

"We are really excited about this idea", says Peter Kerwood. "Not only will 20 bidders get the chance to own a truly original and unique piece of Royal Wedding memorabilia, but they´ll also help raise much needed funds for a great cause. Luckily, with over 140 tons of rubbish equivalent to the weight of 20 double decker buses left on the streets of London post the event, we weren't short of raw material!"

About CentrePoint

Centrepoint is the leading charity for youth homelessness. Centrepoint provides housing, life skills, training, work placements and support to over 1,300 homeless young people a year. It gives them the foundation to start tackling the issues that led to them becoming homeless and to develop the skills they need for a brighter future.

10 Good Reasons to Bid:

  • This is a unique royal wedding keepsake from the day
  • It’s your own miniature modern art installation offering the perfect snapshot in time
  • This is a limited edition piece and only 20 have been created
  • All the rubbish was collected from the streets of Westminster the day of the wedding
  • The size of each Perspex box is 15cm x 15cm
  • The rubbish is clean, odour free and is sealed into the box
  • All rubbish is 100% recycled
  • All rubbish is 100% British
  • All proceeds will be going to the Centrepoint charity of which Prince William is patron
Rubbish to Bid On in the Near Future
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