Let me set the scene.

It’s New Years Day and your head hurts. Now I’m not just talking about the slight ache you get after listening to your Grandma talk about rationing from WW2 on Christmas day, you are genuinely questioning whether you spent your evening hammering your head against a brick wall whilst listening to old school EDM. You can only muster two words whilst hiding in your bed blocking out any potential source of light… HELP. ME.

Here at Altitude London we are here to help. After years and years of experience in dealing with these situations, we have generated our list of TOP TIPS to avoid feeling like death on day 1 of 2016 – Start as you mean to go on.



Drinking water throughout the night WILL save you the next day. It’s a fact. Aim to drink a large glass of water before you go to bed and leave a glass out ready for the next morning. If you don’t have this ready, then when you wake up the next day and look at the water in a vase with three week old flowers as a potential source of hydration, you will be heavily regretting your actions.



To cheat your hangover, make sure you have a balanced meal before you go out. Eating properly before drinking will protect your stomach lining reducing the chance of stomach inflammation which is the cause of that next day nausea. In the morning, try to not eat a full fried breakfast in a hope of eating your way out of the hangover, this will only irritate your stomach more adding to your problems. Say no to fried food!



Now it’s only right we toast the New Year in with a classy glass of Champagne, but do we really need to drink the whole bottle…and the second? Research has shown that drinking carbonated drinks may accelerate the absorption of alcohol making you drunk faster and feeling so much worse the next day. So say bye bye to bubbly.



I know how tempting a cheap Jager bomb with ‘energy drink’ can be after a few drinks but trust me when I say that spending a little bit extra on High-end spirits will save your life. The more expensive drinks tend to be more filtered to remove any toxins and impurities which are the culprits for your unbearable hangover.



We’ve all had nights out where the drinks menu, mainly the cocktail section, is more like a tasting menu where you sample everything on offer. Enter, monstrous hangover. Surprise surprise, the old wives tale of mixing your drinks has been found to have some truth to it. Mixing different types of alcohol increases the level of congeners in your body which causes the next day nausea. Try and stick to one drink all night to reduce the after effects.

On that note, Happy New Year and stay safe! #TeamNoHangover


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