5 Top tips to prepare for your Corporate Christmas party

Finally, the year has come where the big boss decides to really pull out the stops for the company Christmas celebration!

What used to be just the usual Christmas party down at the local ‘posh’ restaurant is now a bespoke Christmas party in the corporate world!

So how do you prepare for such an event?

It’s your first time – you need to pull out all the stops. Think of it as a ‘first date’ (minus the date part!)

1. First thing’s first, the outfit.

Now this isn’t just a cheap sit down meal where you have the typical Aunt Bessie Christmas dinner washed down with a couple of pints and Echo Falls. It’s a Bespoke party; with fine dining, Champagne on arrival, fine cocktails, canapés, entertainment (that isn’t karaoke!) plus so much more , so you need to dress for the occasion.

I suggest for Men, black tie. It’s elegant, classy, smart and sophisticated. You can’t really get it wrong, but if you’re unsure, read the dos and don’ts here.

For Women, the possibilities are endless! I suggest keeping it classy and elegant, similar to the men’s black tie. Anything too short or too bright just won’t fit the occasion. Velvets, silks, lace and sparkles are always a winner. Take a look at some beautiful dresses here.

2. Doll yourself up!

Hair and makeup should complement the outfit. Men should be clean cut and slick, women need to be fabulous and glamorous. I would always opt for a red lip and a soft smoky eye – It reminds me of the ‘Great Gatsby’ era which is wonderfully chic. Make sure your footwear is comfortable though – there’s nothing worse than being in pain all night and being part of the bare foot brigade – sort it out!

3. Transport;

This may be the boring bit, but it’s very important you have this covered. You need to ensure you know your route and form of transport that is operating at that time. Check TFL journey planner before-hand and TFL updates on the night.

4. Drinks;

I won’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t drink (as I’m the worst person to advise) but know your limits! The last thing you need is to be telling some home truths to colleagues or crying in the toilets about life – You don’t want to be the talk of the town back at work!

5. #TeamNoHangover!

Now this is the main point, the next day cure. Take 2 panadols before bed chased down with a pint of water. When you wake up, have another pint of water and a good cup of tea. I would avoid having the typical greasy fry up and have a nourishing breakfast – my suggestion would be poached egg on toast with a fresh orange juice.

Back to the good stuff; Check out our Christmas parties  for an insight as to what to expect.

Finally, have an amazing Christmas party!


Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic! Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands. Follow Sophie on Google Plus.