Top Ten Cocktails for 2016

Cocktails are great for any kind of occasion. They are the perfect party drink, the delicious date drink and the “I’ve had a long week let’s treat ourselves even though I’m skint” drink!

After lots of research (that does include drinking!) I have devised the top ten cocktails for 2016.

  1. Martini – With a clean, clear flavour and appearance that’s eminent in many books and films, the Martini is the classic gin cocktail for those with style. If you don’t want the gin, you can opt for  a Vodka based Martini and like James bond has it, ‘shaken’ not stirred!
  2. Mojito – Personally this is my favourite. It’s the one drink that is irresistibly refreshing yet fabulously fruity. It’s amazingly sweet yet exceptionally sour. I’m a big fan of rum too, white or dark and if you’re looking for a drink that isn’t too sweet or sickly but is refreshing and tasty, then the Mojito is the perfect match for you. Top tip: the fresh lime and mint help if you need a breath freshener and palette cleanser!
  3. Cosmopolitan – Famous from Sex and the City, this is a drink where you can wear a little dress and slap on the red lippy for a girls night out where you sip cocktails with sophistication, laugh unreservedly and talk all night about boys – not forgetting that it is hot pink in colour, so hands down definitely one for the girls!
  4. Bellini – This is an Altitude London favourite. They serve lots of Prosecco at events and indeed have lots of it! For those that like fizz with a little fruity flavour, then Prosecco with a peach puree complement is a subtle yet effective drink which is almost as acceptable on a morning as a bucks fizz.
  5. Strawberry Daquiri – This Cuban cocktail on a summer’s day is very necessary. Another favourite for me, again because it is Rum based, but also because it tastes (and looks) like a fresh fruit smoothie which is hard to resist in the baking sun. There’s also a daiquiri month coming in 2016 – keep checking their events page to see when!
  6. Long island iced tea – For those that just love a standard spirit and mixer, this is the one for you. Forget the faff of the coloured liqueurs, the shaking, the swanky cocktail glass and the garnishes of fruit and just chuck four strong spirits and good splash of cola in a tall glass! The only garnish is ice and a slice, with a dash of orange liqueur. Males tend to choose this cocktail as it’s the most normal, ‘non girly’ drink on the menu! Not forgetting they can handle the sheer volume of alcohol that it contains.
  7. Bloody Mary – The complete opposite end of the cocktail spectrum; a cocktail which contains salt and pepper – this is as savoury as it’s going to get. Renowned for its hangover cure properties, the range of spicy ingredients are sure to kick start any morning.
  8. Margarita – Nothing says Mexico like a Margarita! Tequila triumphs in this drink and with just three ingredients, this is truly a refreshing and simple cocktail with an exciting tang of lime, served in a salt rimmed glass. This is a total party starter and a must-have for summer.
  9. Manhattan – Of course, I had to include a whisky cocktail. I’m not really a fan of whisky but if done right, I can see why people love it. This cocktail has a very ‘fine’ taste as it uses high quality RYE whisky. Drinking this, you will feel like you’re inside a New York Jazz club.
  10. The South Side Sparkler – Treat your taste buds to this brand new cocktail, exclusive to Sky Bar for 2016. True to its name of ‘Sparkler,’ this drink contains sparkling wine, plenty of fresh mint leaves, a splash of gin, fresh orange and lemon and the perfect amount of Cointreau – A great opening drink for the New Year.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year and be sure to tick off all ten of these cocktails before this time next year! 


Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic! Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands which includes Reels Millbank. Follow Sophie on Google Plus:

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